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Sounds - Letters (S2L) Program

Lawnton State School has embarked on a new and exciting literacy journey with the schoolwide introduction of Melinda Cassells’ Sounds-Letters (S2L) program.  The purpose of this program is to improve the long term storage and retrieval of information in our students’ brains to expand their spelling and reading practices.  Teachers across our school are talking in depth about sounds and the ways in which they go together with letters.  They are exploring the complex relationship between sounds and letters by teaching the underlying literacy skills of sound knowledge, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, handwriting and linking sounds to letters.  However, the methods in which this learning is delivered to students is utilising multimodal learning, repetition and play based practices that encompass multiple learning styles.

Learning styles stem from our senses and help us to attain a particular goal quicker when exposed to our preferred way/s of learning.  They allow us as learners to build roads in our brain so that information can be stored and then successfully retrieved again at a later date.  At Lawnton, sounds are being taught and connected with a gesture and picture icon.  The purpose being to strengthen our students’ knowledge surrounding sounds and letters, providing them with a strong foundation in their literacy journey.


 S2L Video


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