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Last Friday night was a fantastic night at the school bush dance. We had nearly 250 people in attendance which made it a great night and a huge success. It was so much fun seeing all the students and their families getting involved in the dances. We did some of the traditional bush dances but also some really cool newer versions which the band had made up. The band 'System of a Hoedown' did a great job of keeping us entertained and made the whole night so much fun for everyone.
Thank you to everyone on the P&C, the teachers / staff and whole school community who helped make the night a great success. I'm really looking forward to more school community events like this in the future. Judging by all the positive comments, we'll definitely be having another bush dance next year! 
During the month of November we have the ever-increasing flood of events that happen in the life of a school as we wind up for the year. Please keep an eye on the school calendar! A couple of things I'd love you to keep in mind. Firstly, our school as a team of people who all contribute to and help shape the chaplaincy program. Our next meeting is on Thursday 17th November from 3:00pm - 4:00pm. I'd love for a few parents to join with the staff and community representatives who comprise this team, so that we can continue to improve the chaplaincy program in our school into 2017. If this is something you're interested in, please come along!
Also in November, on Friday 25th, we have our next Chappy Pancake breakfast from 7:45am - 8:30am. These are always heaps of fun and raise much-needed funds to continue to support our students through the social and emotional programs which we offer each year. Look out for the posters soon and don't forget to bring some change along on the day to enjoy some yummy pancakes and juice. 
This Friday we take the opportunity to make the day a special one to honour and thank all of our wonderful teachers. World Teachers' Day is a fantastic opportunity for us all to write a note, buy a little gift or say something kind to our teachers. I am continually amazed at the depths of the concern and care that our teachers have for our students and want to add my thanks to yours in saying how grateful we are for them. So often it is a teacher who can inspire us to achieve things we never dreamed of. Let's all join together to make Friday a really special day for our teachers!
One last little thing....
If you are interested in finding out some information regarding children's and youth programs on offer in our local area, please come and see me. There are a wide variety of programs on offer (both mid-week and on the weekends) which support young people in their social, emotional and spiritual growth.
Have a great week!
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Last reviewed 27 February 2020
Last updated 27 February 2020