Why choose Prep at Lawnton State School?

Prep at Lawnton State School provides a strong foundation to formal schooling through empowering its learners for successful futures.  Through our small class sizing, effective and differentiated literacy and numeracy programs, school wide positive behaviour program and passionate teaching staff; parents and community partners continually praise our school on how effortlessly and comfortable the transition process is from home to formal schooling for all involved.  It is also with great pride that our school offers its students from Prep upwards the opportunities to partake in a myriad of extra-curricular activities to instil a love for learning at our school. 

Students of Lawnton State School foster the values of Learning, Safety and Respect.   These values underpin all teaching and learning experiences our students will encounter in Prep and beyond.  Your child will be exposed to the following learning experiences and more during their first year of formal schooling to develop their:

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Oral language and reading

  • Early literacy and numeracy

  • Inquiry and scientific thinking

  • Imagination and creativity

  • Independence and responsibility

  • Ability to make sensible, safe and fair choices 

  • Ability to engage with technology

At Lawnton, learning through play plays a pivotal part in our curriculum delivery.  During play our students make decisions, solve problems, develop thinking and teamwork skills, communicate and develop a sense of themselves. In our classrooms types of play may include:

  • Manipulative:  Doing puzzles, making necklaces or construction

  • Games with rules:  Playing board and card games or outside games with rules

  • Exploratory:  Using blocks to investigate weight, height, number, shape and balance

  • Fantasy:  Children creating props for a fairy tale adventure

  • Physical:  Moving through obstacle courses, climbing and running

Students will also take part in other activities like music, painting and drawing to encourage language, reading and writing skills.

It is fair to say Lawnton students and families truly “love their school” and we would love for your child to begin their learning journey with us too!

Eligibility for 2023 Prep Enrolment

Prep enrolments for 2023 are now open.  Eligible students will be born between 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.  Children will need to be five by 30 June in the year they enrol in Prep.  It is anticipated that early entry to Prep will only be allowed for children on transfer across Australia and internationally who have been enrolled in a similar pre-Year 1 program.  To determine if your child is eligible to enrol in Prep please check the Education Queensland's Prep Ready Reckoner.

Enrolling your child in school for the first time can be an extremely exciting yet overwhelming event.  Our school and principal consider that taking significant time talking to you and your child and walking through our school grounds is vital in making the right choice for your family.  It is our goal to make every new student to our school feel calm and eager to learn in their new environment and offer a learning program which is suitable to their needs and interests.  All enrolment enquiries can be directed through the School Office on (07) 3481 4888.

Key Dates for Prep 2023

*All key dates are subject to change due to current Covid-19 restrictions*

Tours of School

Tours of our school are incorporated within our enrolment interview process.

Ring our school office for more information.



Prep Interviews are held at different times of the year. Contact the school office to organise an enrolment pack.


Open Days

Virtual Open Days coming soon. Resgister your interest with our school office to recieve up to date information.


Prep Information Session

Virtual Prep Information Sessions coming soon. Register your interest with our school office to recieve up to date information.


"Get Set for Prep" playdates

"Get Set for Prep" playdates coming soon. Resgister your interest with our school office to recieve up to date information.

Transition to Prep Morning

Transition to Prep Morning date to be announced soon. Resgister your interest with our school office to recieve up to date information.

Our Prep Curriculum

2012 saw the introduction of the Australian Curriculum for our Prep students. Consequently, all Prep students across the country are now working towards the same achievement standards. 

Please click here to view the Australian Curriculum.

Last reviewed 08 March 2022
Last updated 08 March 2022