Swimming Program

Swimming lessons are part of the Lawnton Health and Physical Education Program and all students are required to participate. If a student is ill, a note will need to be forwarded to the class teacher. Swimming lessons are usually scheduled during Term 4.

Religious Instruction

Religious Instruction is offered to students through ‘SUPA (Scripture Union Primary Age) Club’ which children opt in to attend at lunchtime with their parent’s permission.

Sporting Houses

To foster team spirit and to promote healthy competition, the school population is divided into four houses – Guyra (green), Bindar (blue), Yarri (yellow) and Rungi (red). The house competitions are mainly for sporting events, especially Sports Day and our school Swimming Carnival. Family groups are usually kept together.

Excursions and Camps

School excursions and camps are offered as part of our educational program and are designed to support curriculum programs and within the context of units of study. Camp is held annually for students in Years 4, 5 and 6. The venue for the camp depends upon class numbers and available camp facilities. Every effort is made to keep expenses to a minimum. A time payment scheme is available to assist families to pay for these activities. Please see the Principal if consideration for assistance is requested.

Lunchtime Clubs

Teachers offer a range of clubs during lunchbreaks to develop children’s’ interests outside the classroom. Clubs are optional are open to all students who wish to attend.

The Cooking Club meets every Friday at 1st break. The students learn some basic cooking skills and bake some wonderful treats, which are then sold at the Friday Sausage Sizzle. Students learn how to: measure, crush, mix and bake as well as see their mixtures transformed into delightful treats,  while working in small groups.

At Reading Club on Wednesday each week at first break. We explore an author, genre or topic by accessing a range of books in the Library. Engaging follow up lessons are planned to assist the students in reading for pleasure and the students can also use their “Reading Club Book Log” to track the books they have read during break times to earn rewards!

Art Club is on each Wednesday at second break and is open to everyone. We create lots of interesting craft, including cards, collages and constructions of animals and other creatures. If you would like to join us, please bring along some glue and scissors!

Lego  Robotics Club is on Thursday and Friday at first break. Chill in the courtyard with tubs of lego, bionicles, mega blocks and pirate ships! Build your dreams and we can break them apart at the end of the break and build new ones next time!!

Gardening Club meets every Tuesday at 1st break.

Groove Club is on every Friday at first break. All grades are welcome! A place to come and let your groovy moves flow with a mixture of old and new songs and making lots of new friends. Our more recent focus Is Lawnton State School’s very first musical, mixing with our Vampires and Werewolfs with the catchy tunes. Groove Club loves to move along to some all-time favourites, like YMCA, Nut Bush, Macarena, Casper Cha Cha Slide and heaps more!

Indoor Games Club is on Thursdays at second break. It's a great way for students to learn gross motor skills in a fun and social setting. We engage in a variety of game, including the always popular “Red Rover” and “What’s the Time Mr Wolf”. Students also have the opportunity to foster team work and resilience during ball games and parachute play. See you there!

Board Games Club is on Tuesday at Second break.

Glock club is Wednesday at First break.

Defence kids club is Wednesday at first break.

Lower choir is first break Monday. Upper choir is Tuesday first break.

Show choir is Thursday first break.

Resource Centre/Library

Children are encouraged to use the Library regularly to borrow books, to care for them and to return them promptly. The library is open at lunchtimes under the supervision of a staff member. To borrow all children must have a library bag.

  • Book Club: a monthly Ashton Scholastic Book Club is conducted in the school. Order forms are sent home with the students.

  • Book Fair: is conducted annually during the official “Book Week” and is a popular event which also supports raising funds for our school.

Last reviewed 09 March 2020
Last updated 09 March 2020